Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip (Non-Skid) Tapes

Easy to apply non-skid, anti-slip tape with a peel-off adhesive backing. Built to last for any indoor/outdoor use. We have the best prices and the best abrasive -- durable aluminum oxide. Although all of our tapes are for indoor and outdoor wet area applications, we also carry non-abrasive Aqua-Safe anti-slip tapes for showers, pools and kitchens where an abrasive surface is not desired. Below that section you'll find our cushiony cushion-grip non-skid tape and our glow-in-the-dark abrasive anti-slip tapes. Samples of our anti-slip tapes can be sent to you.

Anti-slip tape orders can be ordered securely online below, placed by phone (1-800-988-6721), or e-mail George Sotter with any questions. You'll find our shipping rates on our non-skid tapes and paint-on do-it-yourself clear abrasive anti-slip floor coatings ridiculously simple and cheap to all over the U.S.A. All anti-slip tape orders over $120 ship FREE!!

Safety Grip Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape

These anti-slip (non-skid) tapes are the best in non-slip protection. We also carry glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape (see towards the bottom of this page.) Here is our standard anti-slip tape colors and coarseness:

inch x 24 inch

rounded rectangular strip - $4.68
black, gray and gritty clear only)

1 inch x 60 ft

2 inch x 60 ft

4 inch x 60 ft

40 inch x 60 ft

Bulk anti-slip tape in black by the case [1 case = (48) 1"x60' rolls, (24) 2" rolls, or (12) 4" rolls]: $475.00 + free shipping
Feel free to call us about bulk pricing on other colors and grit sizes.
Don't see what you're looking for? We can cut you anti-slip tape in any size you need (give us 1-3 weeks to deliver custom orders.) Just below are "coarse" and "extra coarse" anti-slip tapes, which are more aggressive than our standard coarseness - great for dealing with mud, frost or snow. Read about which grit size or texture and spacing is best for your anti-slip tape application.
Safety Grip Tape comes in widths up to 46 inches and can be custom ordered in any width, shape, or color for large orders.

Coarse Safety Grip Tape

 1' x 60' $12.18

 2" x 60' $24.37

 4" x 60' $48.73

 40" x 60' $447.34

Extra-Coarse Anti-Slip Tape

1' x 60'

2" x 60'

4" x 60'

40" x 60'

Other anti-slip tape widths available from 3/4” to 46”, prices proportional to width. Call (1-800-988-6721) or e-mail George Sotter with questions or large orders. Slip resistance test safety data are available on these tapes using ASTM C1028, the Pendulum, and ANSI B101.3. FREE shipping for orders over $120!!

Also available:

Edge Fix: to further extend the life of anti-slip tapes. Helps protect non-skid tape edges from damage by stiletto heels and from water intrusion in water-submerged applications. A small amount on the edge creates an excellent bond. Each tube can seal both edges of a 60 foot roll of non-skid tape. $21.97 per tube.

Aqua-Safe (non-abrasive) Anti-Slip Tape

An embossed anti-slip tape surface for barefoot areas and food preparation areas such as bathtubs and kitchens. These are easier to clean and a little kinder on bare skin than our abrasive anti-slip tape. We carry two different types - "Standard" and "Coarse Resilient". Standard Aqua-Safe is just below, and under that you'll find our Coarse Resilient Aqua-Safe, which is our most slip resistant non-abrasive anti-slip tape. For boats and pool areas where rocking surfaces and people running is an issue, our coarse resilient is the perfect solution. Standard Aqua-Safe tape has good slip resistance for food prep areas and showers where cleanability is of the utmost importance, whereas our Coarse Resilient Aqua-Safe has GREAT slip resistance for boats, pool decks, and other areas where slip resistance is of the utmost importance. Check out the slip resistance test data.

6 inch x 24 inch
strip - $4.68

1" x 60 ft

2" x 60 ft

4" x 60 ft

40" x 60 ft

Aqua-Safe Clear Footprints
We also carry clear Aqua-Safe 8 inch footprints. Here is more information on which of our different textures of non-skid tapes will be perfect for your situation. All of our tapes are designed for use in wet areas. Aqua-Safe is just kinder for bare feet and easier to clean.

Coarse Resilient Aqua-Safe Tape

PHENOMENAL wet slip resistance for a non-abrasive anti-slip tape. More aggressive and slip resistant than our standard Aqua-Safe non-skid tape, but still water-safe. Ideal for ANY situation, especially pools, boats and showers that need to be very anti-slip.

1" x 60 ft

2" x 60 ft

4" x 60 ft

32" x 60 ft

Cushion Grip Anti-Slip Tape

Combines a cushioned surface with excellent slip-resistance in an anti-slip tape. Great grip tape for areas where workers may be standing for long periods of time, pool decks, and anywhere you could use some cushion as well as excellent non-skid without the tripping risk that mats can create.
1 inch by 60 ft

2 inch by 60 ft

4 inch by 60 ft

24 inch by 60 ft

Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape

Glow in the dark abrasive anti-slip tapes: plain white, striped or black/white (hazard). Provides an excellent photoluminescence capability; can be recharged by natural or artificial light sources. (Persistence data available.) We can cut these Glow-in-the-Dark anti-slip (non-skid) tapes to any size or shape you require, with widths up to 46". These anti-slip tape products glow for about 20 minutes, long enough to evacuate small buildings. We also carry Jessup longer-glowing photoluminescent egress marking tapes (not anti-slip) for marking stairways, exits, light switches, and anything else you can think of.
"Striped" is only available in 2" for $36.96 - the price will be adjusted in your shopping cart once you click the "Buy Now" button.
1 inch x 60 feet

2 inch x 60 feet

--Special Items--

We also carry aluminum-backed conformable anti-slip tape: adhesive Safety-Grip tape for diamond plate; and we also have bolt-down anti-slip plates with coarse anti-slip tape already applied.

We offer specially discounted anti-slip tapes that were cut to the wrong size for particular customers or are in discontinued colors-- get these non-skid tapes at a discount! We also carry photoluminescent/glow-in-the-dark egress marking tapes.

Although we don't carry the anti-slip tapes below in stock, we can order these sorts of items from our factory ($100 minimum order), make custom colors (on orders of 10,000 square feet or more), cut them into custom shapes (minimum order of 100 pieces), and print whatever you want onto all of our anti-slip floor tapes. Please allow at least 9 working days for delivery of these types of items.



Our non-skid tapes help assure ADA and OSHA compliance as well as adding safety to your home, boat, bathtub or workplace.
Samples of our anti-slip tapes can be shipped to you, and we also carry tapes for protection of layer hens.

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