Do-It-Yourself Paint-On Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

We offer three Do-It-Yourself (DIY) anti-slip paint-on abrasive floor coatings:
STOPit!, (shown on bottom half of this webpage) a three-component clear coating endorsed by AARP Magazine, highly durable (and gets MORE slip resistant over time), and available in kits for 18-20 square feet
SolidStepCote, (just below) a  "green", water-based clear anti-slip floor coating that's as effective as STOPit!, available in many sizes, dries ready for walking quickly, and comes ready to apply without having to mix components

FlexDuraCote, (click here) a colored, water-based anti-slip floor paint and sealer that is durable and tough, specifically designed to provide a colorized, anti-slip floor surface for pool decks, walkways, sports arenas, patios and garages
Application is super easy for all of our paint-on abrasive anti-slip floor coating products - check out our video on applying our clear anti-slip abrasive floor coatings half way down the page. All our coatings are suitable for many uses, including but not limited to: home and hospital bathrooms and showers, external walkways, entry foyers, food courts, fast food outlets, supermarket fresh fruit and vegetable areas, swimming pool decks, rest rooms, etc. However, only SolidStepCote and FlexDuraCote is available in large size containers. STOPit! is only available in small kits. Here you can find a comparison chart of our two clear DIY abrasive anti-slip floor coatings, and some slip resistance test data on all three.

SolidStepCote Clear DIY Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor Coating

SolidStepCote (SSC) is an anti-slip abrasive paint-on floor coating that can be applied using a paint roller, foam brush, or low pressure airless spray equipment. A GREEN product, it is a water-based, non-toxic and crystal clear non-slip coating product (with built in UV protection) that is available in three unique, durable and affordable grit sizes that will enhance the beauty of any surface while protecting you, your family, employees and customers from slip and fall injuries even under wet or oily conditions!

The smaller grit in "SSC 02" makes less of an impact on the appearance of the flooring and is best for entry foyers and lobbies where appearance is of great concern. The medium sized grit in "SSC 03" is ideal for bathtubs, patios, shower rooms and pool decks where bare feet will be wet. The large grit in our "SSC 04" makes it perfect for industrial applications. Click on the photo to the right to enlarge. It shows the three grit sizes in direct overhead fluorescent lighting. In natural and other types of lighting, the coating is very hard to see. Want more photos? Click on close-ups & from above.

All three grit sizes produce a floor that passes the ANSI B101.3 and pendulum slip resistance tests. What that means is whichever grit size you choose, you can rest assured your floor will be anti-slip and look beautiful and glossy too! We recommend using two coats of SolidStepCote, waiting 20-30 minutes between applying coats. Here are the application instructions and MSDS for SolidStepCote anti-slip abrasive coatings. Check out our shipping rates - they are ridiculously cheap and simple. We can also add color to this anti-slip abrasive coating - white or any other color - for $15 per gallon. Please call if you'd like any color other than clear. White is great for covering up color damage in old bathtubs.
Square feet covered
(with two coats)
Size Price
 8 oz.
48 32 oz. (1 quart)
192One gallon
Five gallons
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SolidStepCote Ready-To-Go Anti-Slip Floor Coating Complete Kit
We also carry 4 and 8 ounce bottles of SolidStepCote in a ready-to-go complete kit which includes a small paint roller and tray ideal for coating bathtubs and showers in your home. 4 oz. will cover one normal bathtub with two coats.

Buy the SolidStepCote Ready-To-Go Complete Kit with the 4 or 8 ounce bottle, the paint roller and paint tray in one easy package.
 4 oz. kit = $28.95
8 oz. kit = $39.95


For more information, here is a SolidStepCote flyer. Area coverages are approximate and may depend on the texture and porosity of the surface. Please call 949-582-0889 for orders over 5 gallons.
<---Sample of SolidStepCote   
Need to touch a sample of the three grit sizes? We'll send you this small 5-inch sample (left) for the price of shipping - $3.25

UniBond 110 Primer
For floors that are very difficult to coat, we recommend using UniBond 110 bonding agent/primer. UniBond110 is a single-component, single-coat moisture cure bonding agent and primer used to promote adhesion to difficult to bond surfaces such as glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain, steel, aluminum, brass, concrete and some plastics. UniBond 110 is appropriate for use prior to the application of Liquiguard coatings (such as SolidStepCote) and coatings from other manufacturers on difficult to bond surfaces or in circumstances where the final coating is likely to encounter abrasion, exposure to oils and liquids or heavy traffic within the first 24 hours after application. Under such circumstances, the use of UniBond 110 will help to prevent delamination of the top coat from the substrate and other potential coating failures.
  8 oz. - $22.95
Quart - $69.95
Gallon - $229.95
5 Gallon - $1099.75

BioStrip Paint Stripper
Looking for a "green" paint stripper for stripping some SolidStepCote?
BioStrip paint stripper is the answer!

Watch our short video about our two anti-slip abrasive floor coatings

SlipCare® - "STOP it" - DIY Abrasive Paint-On Anti-Slip Floor/Stair/Bath Coating

SlipCare® - STOPit! is a clear, colorless anti-slip abrasive floor coating for any kind of floor, bath or shower tub -- especially developed for coating small areas. Applies easily to wood, tiles, natural stone like marble, granite and terrazzo, boats and docks, PVC, plastic, acrylic, linoleum, enamel and metal (no stainless steel or glass), and covers approximately 18-20 square feet per kit. Endorsed by AARP Magazine! Check out how simple the application instructions are.

SlipCare® - "STOP it" is the Do-It-Yourself way to put an end to the danger of slipping accidents in bathrooms, showers, saunas, in laundry rooms, on stairs, at the pool, on the terrace, or in the kitchen.

The DIY anti-slip abrasive floor coating is transparent and glossy, allowing the structure and grain of the surface to be preserved. It can be used inside and outside to make virtually any floor anti-slip, and applied easily by anyone without any special skills. SlipCare® - "STOP it" is extremely water-repellent, totally solvent-free and is water based. The anti-slip floor coating is applied in 5 minutes with the supplied paint roller. Check out our shipping rates - they are ridiculously cheap and simple.
 One (1) SlipCare "STOP it" anti-slip floor coating kit
(covers approx. 18-20 square feet)

 Double set (2) of "STOP it" anti-slip floor coating kits
(covers approx. 36-40 square feet)

Triple set (3) of "STOP it" anti-slip floor coating kits
(covers approx. 54-60 square feet)


SlipCare "STOP it" abrasive Do-It-Yourself anti-slip floor coating has 500-cycle Sustainable Slip Resistance, which means it will maintain good wet slip resistance (see slip test data) and keep your floors anti-slip for several years in low foot traffic situations. Simple, easy to follow instructions are included as well as everything you'll need to have your floor or bath treated in 5 minutes. Allow a maximum of 12 hours for the anti-slip floor coating to dry, and your slip and fall problems are over. Check out what AARP said about it. Here is the MSDS for the laquer and hardener.
<---Sample of SlipCare StopIt!  
Need to touch a sample of this anti-slip floor coating? We'll send you this small 5-inch sample (left) for the price of shipping - $3.25



Here's another endorsement from one of our happy customers: "The application went very well, the anti-slip floor coating is very easy to use. In my previous job in the aerospace paint and coating field for 15 years, I can say this is a superior coating, the finish is uniform, and has a hardness that would be needed for the type of application over tile." - Gregory C., Senior Insurance Service Field Appraiser, Westminster, CA
you'll need is included. Your slippery floor problems will be over in just five minutes of work and 12 hours of dry time with our anti-slip abrasive floor coating!

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